Position 1

TripZip is one of the fast growing tourist organizations in Bangladesh. They are looking for keen

candidates who want to gather professional experience in a challenging and vibrant environment.

Job Responsibilities:

- Frequent communication with the potential customer at their workplace as well as at industry

events ensures customer intimacy.

- Prospect and contact existing and potential customers and maintain communication with them.

- Assist in managing different projects and events through analysis, research and review.

- Design and layouts of documents as per needed.

- Maintain communication with business partners and assist to develop relationship with

potential partners.

- Participate in creative communication process.

- Others opportunities and duties as per assigned to the time requirement.

You can join:

- If you have excellent skill in power point and presentation. (knowledge in adobe illustrator will

be more appreciated)

- Excellent communication skill- both in oral and written.

- If you have good knowledge over maintaining Email.

- Capabilities to maintain official correspondence and documents.

- Detail-oriented, eager to learn, take feedback as learning opportunity and work on them.

- Planning and management capability.

You will have opportunity to:

- Networking with different corporates.

- Real life experience of project management.

- Detail knowledge and experience about customer service management.

- Improvement of communication and management skill.

Position 3

Tripzip is one of the fastest growing organisations Bangladesh. Tripzip is offering opportunity to the

enthusiastic and keen to participate in different volunteering activities in a permanent basis in different

volunteering project.


- Co-ordinate in different projects in tripzip according to time flexibility.

- Managing appointed task.

- Maintain communication with the concerned parties.

- Managing present and potential clients.

Benefits and advantage:

- Each volunteers will get letter of appreciation.

- Opportunity to travel

- Opportunity to gin real life experience about project management.

- Exposure of individual’s skill and abilities.

- Opportunity to develop teamplaying capability.

- Preference in future recruitment of tripzip.

(Tripzip will bear travel expense and food cost of the volunteer)

Skills you need to have:

- team playing experience.

- Ability to work in team.

- Good communication skill—both in oral and written

- Ability to take pressure and tackle tricky condition.

Position 3